Chantilly American - VA District 10 Little League Champions!

Chantilly American won the Virginia District 10 Little League Championship in an incredible game over SYA East 2-1. The team now travels to Portsmouth, VA for the Virginia State Tournament hosted by District 6 and Olive Branch Little League.

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Pool Play Games:

First game is Friday 20 July 7:30 PM vs D6 Charles Peete LL. delayed by rain until 9:00PM - suspended due to rain top 3rd CA 12 CPLL 1- resumes at 9AM.
9:15AM Sat 21 Jul - Field is still being worked to resume game...

Game over 21-1. 15 hits and 1 error for D10 CA. 2 hits and 10 errors for D6 Charles Peete.

Next pool play game is Sat 21 July at 4:30 PM vs. Atlee LL - PPD until Monday 10:30 AM due to rain.

Third pool play game is Sun 22 July at 10:30 AM vs. D7 York County National LL - Game is postponed. 2:00 PM is anticipated start.

Game over - D10 Chantilly American 17 D7 York County National 12.

Monday 23 July at 1030 AM Chantilly American vs. D5 Atlee - Lost 12-1.

Tuesday 24 July at 10:00 AM - Quarter Final Round: D10 Chantilly American vs. D1 Abingdon: Lost 6-0. Congrats and good luck Abingdon LL.

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Good luck Chantilly American!