Concussion Awareness

CYA Concussion Awareness Program

CDC Heads Up

The Center for Disease Control has developed a terrific online resource program for Coaches, Parents and Players with regard to identifying and treating concussions.  As the Spring season get’s underway, it is imperative that we arm ourselves with information that will protect our kids as they compete in all CYA Sports.

CDC Coach's Wallet Card

CDC Coach's Clipboard Sticker

CDC Guide for Coaches

CDC Concussion Symptom Guide

CDC Fact Sheet for Athletes

VHSL Concussion Awareness Website

The VHSL Handbook (27-2-5) requires that prior to the first practice for all coaches of VHSL fall, winter and spring sports teams, these individuals must take a recognized course providing both education and prevention regarding concussion as it relates to high school activities.  The VHSL further strongly recommends that all participants and parents/guardians take advantage of the NFHS's online video, "Concussion in Sports, What You Need to Know" to learn about the signs, symptoms and treatment of concussions.  The video takes approximately 15 minutes and is FREE.  To access the video go to

ORCAS Brain 101 Concussion Playbook - for coaches, parents, teachers, and athletes

ABC News: "5 Things You Need to Know About Sports Concussions"